Indian Financial System 1st SEM. 2011 Q.P. (G.U.)

AssamQ semester-1 (2011)  Indian Financial System Total – 80 Marks

1.Answers the following question: 10 marks
a)Mutual Fund can invest in money market.This statement is (true/false).
b)Capita market deals with_______.
c)Which of the followiing stock exchange is the oldest one?(bombay stock exchange/calcutta stock exchange/national stock exchange/
OTC exchange of india).
“treasury bills offer a coupon rate of interest.this statement is(true/false).
d)THe maximum period period of maturity for a commercial paper is_______.
e)whate is the present basis of settlement of a transaction in the bombay stock exchange?
f)which of the following is not a securities from of investment?(shares/bonds/treasury bills/national savings certificate).
g)Equity instruments are rated in india by the Credit Rating Agencies.this ststement is (true/false).
h)nationalisation of banks in india took place for the first time in the year______.
i)which of following is not a function of a merchant banker?
(management of new issues/receiving regular deposits that are withdrable/investment/none of the them)
2.Answer the following in about 30 words each: 2*5=10 marks
a)what is money market?
b)what do you mean by private placement of equities?
c)name any three non-banking financial institions of india.
d)define commercial bank.
e)what do you mean by leasing?
3.Answer any four of the following in about 200 words each: 5*4=20 marks
a)discuss the basic function of a financial system in brief.
b)what are the function performed by the stock market?
c)dintinguish between banking and non-banking institutions.
d)describe the structure of cooperative banking system in india.
e)what are the benefits of credit?
f)write a note on tresury bill.
4.Crically examine the role of savings and investment in the economic growth of a country. 10 marks
“there is a close relationship between financial system and economic growth.”comment critically. 10 marks
5.What are the various constituent of the indian money market?discuss their functions and role.5+5=10 marks
Give an account of various financial intermediaries existing in india financial market.10 marks
6.what are the various functions of a modern commercial bank?discuss. 10 marks
Write a note on the historical evolution of rural banks in india.justify the need of such institution in contrast to the commercial banks.5+5=10 marks
7.discuss the features of government securities and give a short description on the trend of government securites market in india. 6+4=10 marks
Define mutual fund and explain its benefits to the investors. 2+8=10 marks


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