Business Environment 2013 Previous Year Question Papers of Guwahati University for B.Com 5th semester


Business Environment 2013 Previous Year Question Papers Availablefor of guwahati University. AssamQcame Up With All Previous Year Question Papers of Guwahati University and Also Providing Free Notes. As We are care for you. So, guyz if you do have any Guwahati University Previous Year Question Papers then Please send the pic, pdf, docx to It’ll help other students. Thank You
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Business Environment 2013 QP’s Guwahati University For 5th Sem:

1. What Is Business Environment?
2. Write Short Notes On Macro Components Of Business Environment.
3. Discuss The Nature And Significance Of Business Environment In India.

4. How Is National Income Measured?
5. Write A Note On Value Added Method Of Calculating National Income In India.
6. Give Three Measures To Increase Capital Formation In India.
7. Explain The Factors Responsible For India’s Balance Of Payments Crisis.
8. Give Some Concrete Measures To Eradicate Poverty In India.
9. Analysis The Causes Of Regional Imbalance In India.
10. Give Two Measures To Reduce Regional Imbalance In India.

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11. Evaluate The Impact Of Economic Reforms In The Indian Economy.
12. Discuss The Problems Of Parallel Economy In Present Day India.
13. Is There Any Sollution To The Problem Of Parallel Economy?
14. What Are The Objectives Of Monetary Policy?
15. Explain The Monetary Policy Measures That Can Be Used For Stabilising The Economy In Times Of Inflation.
16. Explain The Role Of Monetary Policy In A Developing Country.

17. Explain The Role Of Fiscal Policy In The Role Of Development.
18. What Is Cash Reserve Ratio(CRR)?
19. Write What You Know About Foreign Direct Investment?
20. What Are The Primitive Areas Of The Current Five Year Plan?
21. Write About International Economic Group.

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